Training/Consultation Services

Ms. Gotch is a nationally recognized in the field of sexual abuse and frequently provides training to correction agencies, treatment providers, policy makers, and other community partners on sexual offense specific management and treatment, static and dynamic risk, public policy, public/media engagement, and related topics. She is a certified STATIC-99R, STABLE-2007 and ACUTE-2007 trainer.

Training topics include:

  • Certified training on STATIC99R, STABLE-2007 and ACUTE-2007 risk assessment instruments

  • The incorporation of the Risk/Need/Responsivity principles into practice, the ethical use of risk assessment instruments, and related topics

  • Pychopathy, working with individuals with high levels of psychopathic traits, and related topics

  • Perpetrators of sex trafficking

  • Engaging the public and media in the prevention of sexual abuse

Complete list of training topics available upon request

Consultation Services

Clinical Consultation
Policy/Legislative Consultation
Expert Testimony
Program/Curriculum Development