Katherine Gotch, M.A.

Ms. Gotch is the founder and director of ICCS. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Boston University and a master's degree in forensic psychology from the University of Denver. She began working with individuals convicted of sexual crimes in 2000 at her first graduate school internship placement and was employed by this treatment program until her departure from Denver in February 2003. She left Colorado for a clinical position at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Violent Persons, where she was employed until April 2004.

Ms. Gotch spent the next eight years as the Clinical Coordinator - Sex Offender Unit for Multnomah County Department of Community Justice in Portland, Oregon. This position included sexual offense specific evaluation & assessment, violence risk assessment, case consultation, management of community sexual offense specific treatment providers, policy/legislative development, supervision of interns, and research. Additionally, after Oregon chose to adopt the STATIC-99R, STABLE-2007 & ACUTE-2007 risk assessment protocol for community corrections, she was selected to become the statewide trainer and became a certified trainer in 2009. She regularly provides training to professionals locally and nationally on the STATIC-99R, STABLE-2007 & ACUTE-2007, as well as the incorporation of the risk/need/responsivity principles into practice, the ethical use of risk assessment instruments, and related topics. She also assisted in the development and implementation of statewide best practice standards for sexual offense specific treatment and supervision, as well as the implementation of the EPICS (Effective Practices in Community Supervision) model within Multnomah County and the development of Child Welfare Practices for Cases with Child Sexual Abuse for the Oregon Department of Human Services.

In addition to her employment with Multnomah County, Ms. Gotch began her private practice in 2007 after becoming a contracted predatory pre-release evaluator for the Oregon Board of Parole & Post Prison Supervision. She transitioned into private practice full time in July 2012. She joined the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) staff as the Coordinator of Public Affairs in August 2013 and assisted with a range of legislative, policy, media, and public engagement activities during her employment with ATSA. She returned to private practice full time in February 2015 and expanded ICCS to Central Oregon in July 2015.


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